The NeoLit Student Conference: Narratives of Popular Culture was held on May 15 at the Faculty of Philology in Sosnowiec.

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NeoLit held a colloquium on chivalric romance on April 10. Rafał Borysławski, Ph.D., Jakub Morawiec, Ph.D., and Ewa Kurek, M.A. discussed the influence of the genre on contemporary fiction.


Ewa Kurek, M.A., who was our guest on January 21, gave a lecture on ancient popular culture.


We were honored to host an insightful lecture by Anna Chromik, Ph.D. on December 10. The lecture, entitled "Theory and Tenderness," was followed by a vigorous discussion.


Beata Pawletko, Ph.D., who was our guest on December 4, told us about the life and work of Joseph Brodsky. The lecture was part of Projekt Brodski (Project Brodsky).